Family going stir crazy from the quarantine?

Hang in There…  We are going to get through this!!


This DIY escape room kit will transform any space into the dark and enigmatic world of FUN!

How about a 1920’s Gatsby style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a stay-at-home night of flapper dresses, gin martini’s, and blood stained velvet gloves!

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Carefree fun for 2+ adults at home

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The Gatsby Escape Kit is a ready-to-play party pack that transforms any room into a DIY Escape Room.
What’s it like? Well, imagine what would happen if you mixed an escape room and a house party in a cocktail shaker.
That’s The Grand Gatsby.
In this world, your friends will be racing to solve the murder mystery in teams of 3-6. You can have any number of teams by simply printing out the game once per team.
Best of all, there are no spoilers so you’ll get to enjoy it too!