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In 2058, a new form of medication was approved by the CDC – an injection capable of preventing the degeneration of human cells impacted by disease. Prolyxin – The Miracle Cure.  The long-term effects of this new drug were not studied, but the CDC had one goal: release the treatment and start protecting the population. Everyone was given the drug – everyone suffered the consequences.

Two years after the injections started, massive amounts of the population started falling ill. What started as hair loss quickly turned into malnourished bodies, heightened adrenaline and anger, and small black sores from head to toe. When scratched, these sores released infectious spores into the air making everyone susceptible. No one was safe. Those who managed to escape were forced underground into quarantine to avoid the airborne illness, many of which focused on finding a cure.

One of the leading minds in the cure development, Dr. Hanson, experimented on many subjects, and it is rumored a cure was finally found. However, the antidote was never released, and Dr. Hanson mysteriously disappeared.

As part of the CDC task force, you must gain entry to his lab, locate the cure, and save yourself along with the few survivors that remain.


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1 review for Antiviral

  1. eikenberry87 (verified owner)

    Very well organized room! Well themed and executed. Tons of fun and had my wheels turning, even if the gears were grinding off at a few points of the game! Definitely recommend this one for people who have done lots of other escape games. Challenge accepted but mission was failed.

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