CSI Heist

From: $28.00 (Per Person - Max 10 People)

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Think you can steal one million dollars from a Las Vegas casino?

You and your highly talented group of thieves have created  the most sophisticated, elaborate casino heist in history. You are going to attempt to steal $100 million from Las Vegas Casino, The Leo, owned by the elegant Mr. Emery.

To score the cash, you and your group will have to risk your lives. It all goes as planned until someone kills the pit boss.

Do you have what it takes to steal the money, help find the person that killed the pit boss and get out in 60 minutes or less?
**While smaller groups may certainly try this room, we recommend 4 or more participants for this game.


**NOTE: Bookings are available online until 2 hours before the game. If you no longer see the time you are interested in, call us at 812-307-8771 to check availability.

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2 reviews for CSI Heist

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    elz.mck11p (verified owner)

    This room was exciting and difficult. As an avid escape room player, this room definitely lived up to my expectations. With 3 of us, we escaped with only 20 seconds left on the clock! That’s the closest call I’ve ever had. I would recommend playing with 4-6 people.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Easily one of the top escape rooms I have been a part of. What was lacking in San Quintin was made up in this room. I have done multiple escape rooms and every clue in this room tied to the theme some how. There weren’t any logical jumps and you didn’t need knowledge of how ciphers work outside of the position.

    Theme: Really good and the decorations were fun! Puzzles: Difficult, but kept you on your toes. There was a lot to do which made it nice for our group. We had a group of 3, but we were scrambling to finish.

    (However If you are looking for the all around crazy experience I would recommend Contagion from the looks of it!)

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