Missile Crisis (75 Minutes)

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3-8 Players  |  7/10 Difficulty

Date: Early 1962

Location: North Dakota, USA

Memo: Current tensions with Cuba remain at an all-time high with no sign of resolution. It has been a month since the beginning of the Cold War, and many believe this could turn into a full-scale nuclear attack.

Mission: You and your team have entered a top-secret missile silo deep within the desolate terrain of North Dakota. The launch-systems for the nuclear missile housed within have been hacked by an offshore entity, and they have scheduled a launch in T-75 minutes. If they succeed, they will trigger a nuclear war, causing catastrophic damage on a scale the world has never seen! The facility is empty, leaving you as only ones who can initiate the abort sequence and stop the missile from launching, saving yourself, our nation, and ultimately, the planet.



  • Contains elements of fog and flashing lights.
  • Reservations required.
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