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Steal Professor Goodman’s vials of the deadly poison and save the world!
Professor Goodman has long been known as an old, eclectic professor with an innovative, scientific mind. His colleagues rave over his brilliance, but they haven’t seen his dark side. It is rumored that the professor has been creating a poison that can wipe out over 100 million people by simply opening the vial and exposing the poison in the air. He has created three identical vials of the poison and plans to release it tonight.

In 60 minutes Professor Goodman will be returning from setting up the last place where he will release his poison. You and your team must seize the opportunity to enter his home office and steal the only three vials of poison ever created. Do you and your team have what it takes to save the world from this deadly poison?
*NOTE: Bookings are available online until 2 hours before the game. If you no longer see the time you are interested in, call us at 812-307-8771 to check availability.

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    What a cool experience! This room was challenging, creative and the story was really interesting.

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