From: $28.00 (Per Person - Max 8 People)

** If you do not have the minimum of 4 persons to make an online reservation – simply pay attention to the start times of the games, arrive 15 minutes early, and we will ring you up at the counter. **

You scream…  But no one hears you.
Little did you know…  It was hunting season.

The cards are stacked against you, as you have found yourself bound in a dim lit basement with brick walls, no windows, and with several others.  The dripping of water in the background is becoming increasing painful to hear, as you become more and more accepting of your fate.

You’ve been “Taken”.

The kidnappers have dispersed for a very limited time, and you have exactly one hour to rid yourself of what binds you from freedom, or become the next victim, and disappear forever.

The choice and opportunity are yours for the taking!

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