The Forgotten

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3-8 Players  |  8/10 Difficulty

Today marks your best friend’s 21st birthday which, of course, is a cause for celebration. After playing the night away at various clubs around the city, you decide to call it a night and head home. You were all laughing and celebrating, telling stories of your evening, but now something is off…. You start to stumble. Your head is pounding…. The lights begin to fade, and you hit the ground.

…You eventually awake, but where? It smells musty and damp, and the only thing you hear are dripping pipes in the distance. Nothing is visible. Now your life is on the line, and you fear time is not on your side. Can you escape before you meet your captor, or will you become one of The Forgotten…

Recommended ages 13+


  • Contains elements of fog
  • Reservations required.
  • Bookings are now private. You may book the minimum number of players as the deposit, and other players, up to the maximum, can be added upon arrival.
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3 reviews for The Forgotten

  1. mannion_patrick (verified owner)

    I went and did this room for my first ever Escape room challenge with 7 other people and I loved it. We did not escape but we really had a great time. I will be doing it again.

  2. Dezha Lattimore (verified owner)

    I’ve only done an escape room one other time and it was in Atlanta; so considering Fort Wayne’s location I didn’t think too much of this one.

    I was absolutely wrong.

    This room was so much fun, I’m doing 2 more here just to see if this was the best experience or if they’re all just THAT amazing! My team didn’t escape but we got soooo close. This puzzle is so well put together it felt like we were literally trapped.

    Can’t wait to try the others!

  3. 7Knauffs (verified owner)

    What an EXCITING yet challenging room! Wow!! Our family went, with 2 of them under 10 years old, and they had a blast as well! Everyone was able to help with the clues! We didn’t escape, but got VERY close!! About 20 more seconds, and we could have made it! but that’s ok! It was fun that that’s what matters!

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