The Speakeasy

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Chicago, 1930:  A crime boss controls the underworld of the city with an iron grip.  Despite Prohibition in full effect, his network of speakeasies and casinos continues to run unobstructed on every downtown corner.  Beating charge after charge in the local courts, the only hope to save this city from this merciless gang of thugs is in your hands as a group of Treasury Agents that have been tasked with taking this man and his organization down.

You’ll have one hour inside the most notorious speakeasy in town, Capone’s, to find the evidence necessary to build the case!

Can you crack the case in time and end his reign of terror?

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6 reviews for The Speakeasy

  1. Dakota Williams (verified owner)

    This was a lot of fun with a group of people. It was interesting going through this experience for the first time ever being in this room. I definitely would recommend doing this room if you are looking for some challenging problem solving!

  2. Ashley Warkentien

    I Will definitely be trying this one out.

  3. tpliske (verified owner)

    We loved it. Very well put together and challenging. We are excited to try the other rooms. Overall, it was fun!

  4. mirekjames (verified owner)

    This was so awesome. We barely made it out and only through brains and collaboration. Can’t wait to do the rest!

  5. runningfromdragons (verified owner)

    My Gang came out here on my birthday on the 8th of October, the staff was very friendly and the room was excellent! we had a great time, the clues were perfect! We are already planning our next room

  6. Lynn (verified owner)

    This was an awesome room! Went with a group of friends, and we were all challenged and had a great time. We are excited to try another room in a few weeks and look forward to that challenge as well! Locked up Live is very well put together – best locked up place by far that we’ve gone to!

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