The Vault Heist

From: $28.00 (Per Person - Max 6 People)

Alice DeVille, the only daughter of diamond-mining-mogul Charles DeVille, inherited her family’s fortune soon after her father passed away in the early 1900’s. She was greedy with her newfound riches and moved all of her assets to a newly-opened, exclusive banking institution in the United States. She spent the rest of her life hoarding the family fortune until she died in 1952. To this day, her riches remain in a deposit box within the bank’s vault that is surrounded by thick concrete walls, iron bars, maximum security, and is only accessible by a select few….. unless you have connections.

For years since her death, corrupt Bank and Trust personnel have been trying to cash-in on the the DeVille Fortune and steal it for themselves; however, they know they cannot complete this task alone. Your team has been assembled by one of these corrupt tellers in order to extract the riches, undetected. As the man on the inside, you must follow their secret knowledge and navigate into the vault, steal her family fortune, and escape before the cops arrive.

2 Player Minimum


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